Duke Learning Innovation Workshop: Citation Manager Matchmaking

In an effort to keep everyone healthy, we now are offering our services remotely. Please stay connected. Naomi Wood is a matchmaker. The research connect specialist in the Office of Grants and Contracts helps connect researchers not only to funding opportunities but to other researchers on campus with common interests. Wood was hired in early to fill the role. She works with research staff from the different colleges on campus to vet and disseminate external funding opportunities that are unique to their faculty researchers.

Indian Matchmaking: Netflix’s ‘divisive’ dating show causes storm

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It took place as a spinoff workshop to the EHTEL Symposium, and was hosted at the EU Office of the Campania Region of Italy in Brussels.

Government Agencies. The event will be attended by the NRC, other local government agencies, prime contractors and resource partners. Eastern Time. In addition to the NRC, other government agencies and prime contractors will be in attendance. The U. In addition, small businesses will have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one matchmaking with various HHS procurement and prime contractors. Vendors will be vetted in advance to ensure a fit that will benefit both small businesses and the HHS program officials.

Small businesses interested in learning about federal procurement opportunities and doing business with HHS.

Match-making in India

Successful matchmaking at business events requires dramaturgy and suspense. The participants came up with great ideas at our workshop that was held in December! On 4 December, around event professionals met in Ingelheim at TechXperience Converve was one of the partners and a workshop provider.

When Wood is not matchmaking, she’s editing proposals before they are submitted to be used for travel to a conference, workshop or program manager visit.

We provide a unique method for passionate members of the business community to connect with amazing causes in the Seattle area through board service. Take the first step to finding your ideal board member by filling out the nonprofit intake form below. Click below to fill out the board member intake form to become a part of a cause you believe in. A two-hour workshop for professional men and women interested in serving on a nonprofit board.

Based on research and discussions with nonprofits NFP over the last ten years, finding board members can be a daunting and time-consuming task. NFPs are not the only ones with this issue. Companies also face a similar challenge of finding well-matched board seats for their employees. CGN has created a process to bring the right board members and nonprofits together. Here is an overview of the process:. Potential board members should start the Board MatchMaking process by attending one of our free Board Service Workshops to learn about the responsibilities of board service.

In the case that the NFP does not find a suitable match, they are in no way obligated to CGN for anything and can participate in another round of matchmaking with the same or different company. CGN will continue to find the right match within this or another company until such time as the NFP finds at least one good match.

Board MatchMaking We provide a unique method for passionate members of the business community to connect with amazing causes in the Seattle area through board service. Intake Form.

AI Matchmaking workshop: AI for Climate

At 48, Mr. DuBose, who works in research and development for a pharmaceutical company, had grown weary of looking for love on his own. He considered online dating a bust. Ice, who was recommended by a friend, appealed because he presented himself as a love coach armed with practical advice. The more constructive approach has become a way forward for many matchmakers, first in the age of internet dating and now in the age of Covid Lisa Clampitt is a founder and president in Manhattan of the Matchmaking Institute , which holds conferences and provides training for industry professionals.

(This workship is open to all conference participants). – Lunch and networking. – Matchmaking. The workshop will be followed.

Matchmaking is the process of matching two or more people together, usually for the purpose of marriage , but the word is also used in the context of sporting events such as boxing, in business, in online video games and in pairing organ donors. In some cultures, the role of the matchmaker was and is quite professionalised.

The Ashkenazi Jewish shadchan , or the Hindu astrologer , were often thought to be essential advisors and also helped in finding right spouses as they had links and a relation of good faith with the families. In cultures where arranged marriages were the rule, the astrologer often claimed that the stars sanctified matches that both parents approved of, making it quite difficult for the possibly-hesitant children to easily object — and also making it easy for the astrologer to collect his fee.

Social dance , especially in frontier North America, the contra dance and square dance , has also been employed in matchmaking, usually informally. However, when farming families were widely separated and kept all children on the farm working, marriage-age children could often only meet in church or in such mandated social events.

Board MatchMaking

DAAD Homepage. Environmental and social changes state serious challenges for the Euro-Mediterranean agro-food systems and water resources while further circumstances as for instance climate change and unsustainable agricultural practices call for new and innovative solutions. While Egypt already participated with PRIMA in , the country itself became a participating partner state under an agreement signed on the 18 th of September On the day, the DAAD will also provide a certified module training on successful proposal writing.

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On Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking,” marriage consultant Sima Taparia on caste and class; the stigmatization of independent, working women.

Ghent city administration facilitated a matchmaking event between local bottom-up initiatives to support the aggregation of richer consortia biding in a call for a 8 months temporary use project of the former city central library. The core of the matchmaking workshop is the temporary use of the old library in the city Ghent, which will remain empty for some months before being redeveloped in offices for the municipality.

On the matchmaking event, potential coordinators could promote themselves and search for new projects for their bids. The process of finding a temporary use candidate started 4 months before the beginning of the period of vacancy. In the process was included a visit to the former library for all candidates, a digital platform for all kind of questions, and activation of the potential bottom-up initiatives through social media in order to connect to each other, all was organized by the city.

The matchmaking was organised in the evening and the process of matchmaking was very well organized: potential coordinators pitched their projects, concepts and business models on stage. The potential initiatives settled small booths of max.

Workshop on Match Making

Elite program is a customized meeting experience that connects key decision makers from companies engaged in power generation who are actively sourcing products and services, with participating exhibitors who meet their sourcing needs! The program suggests vendors that meet your criteria and you decide who to schedule a meeting with. The one on one meetings with vendors were pre-arranged and allowed for honest open communication. The ambience in the lounge was very good and I was even able to be productive throughout the conference.

Which is the course of your interest? Select Matchmaking Certification Course, Science-Based Coaching Certification. How did you hear about.

On Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking,” marriage consultant Sima Taparia travels the world to meet with hopeful clients and help them find the perfect match for an arranged marriage. The format of the show is simple. Hopeful brides- and grooms-to-be meet with Taparia — often with their overbearing parents in tow — for an initial consultation. Criteria are laid out, potential suitors are presented on paper, dates are arranged, and then it’s up to the couple to decide if it’s a match.

In some respects, the producers should be commended. This is a show that turns away from the “big fat Indian wedding” trope and offers something fresh: a look at how some traditional-facing couples meet through the services of a professional matchmaker. The characters’ stories — as well as cringier moments — play out in entertaining ways, at times revealing the absurdities and awkwardness of matchmaking.

I laughed when, for example, Taparia sought the consultation of an astrologist and a face reader. Matchmaker Sima Taparia meets with hopeful clients. Credit: Netflix. At other points, the show presents brutal truths about Indian culture: the emphasis on being “fair”; the enormous pressure to wed; the focus on caste and class; the stigmatization of independent, working women.

Techonology MatchMaking

Many companies offer playful innovation training, others travel from one innovation fair to the next. We offer you collaborative innovation by bringing you methodically together with matching start-ups and innovators. The organization was excellent, and the meetings with startup managers provided us with some important insights. All participants liked it very much and we certainly see possibilities of cooperation with the startups you selected.

Thanks a lot!

The day features information on upcoming government contracting opportunities, workshops, and matchmaking appointments between small businesses.

Italian Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines. AI, fleshed out. When Research met Innovation: Does your medium or large company want to innovate their product, or transform their processes to take advantage of new possibilities, and do you need agile partners in new technologies? Does your small business or startup present or future have ideas that you want to turn into real industrial innovation on a larger scale?

You are not alone. In Italy there are entire industrial districts looking for advanced technology to innovate and improve their products and processes, and other regions in which top-level research is being done that looks for industrial outlets. At I-RIM 3D industry, research, market and capitals will meet with dynamic mechanisms on a national and international scale, to favor the encounter between Research and Innovation R2B and that between small, medium and large companies interested in Interaction technologies B2B.

To seize the opportunities offered by I-RIM 3D, companies, universities and research centers, funding agencies and institutions can create their own profile and propose their demand for innovation or their research offer. We invite you to create your profile as soon as possible so that you can better organize your meetings, and carefully define the details and methods of participation. Entities, universities and industries that want to present new technologies and original solutions can do so through short oral presentations accompanied by illustrative posters.

To gather work groups and communities of researchers and industrial innovators with specific interests on some of the topics in the field of Robotics and Intelligent machines, the I-RIM Conference is happy to host thematic workshops organized within the community on their own.


Calling all single and looking Morristown-area ladies! You may even find a wingwoman or some amateur matchmakers ; Event is downstairs at South Street formerly South Street Social — so head on upstairs afterwards to try out your revived optimism about dating, on or off the apps! Add to Calendar.

Successful matchmaking at business events requires dramaturgy and suspense. The participants came up with great ideas at our workshop that was held in.

Date: 31 October , Time: Venue: The Convention Centre. Ensuring decent jobs for youths has remained a significant challenge for countries around the world, particularly in developing countries where labour markets are undergoing major structural shifts from technological innovations and automation, demographic changes, and growing inequality. Despite widespread recognition of how vital it is to empower youths, the challenge still remains for governments and development practitioners.

It will continue to increase in Furthermore, 45 per cent of primary school children do not learn the basics of mathematics or reading. The matchmaking between demand and supply can contribute to facilitating the sharing of evidence-based actions, initiatives, and best practices, that have positive impacts on achieving the targets of the SDGs. Best practices and initiatives to empower youth with decent jobs can be effectively shared and followed-up through cross-country learning and replication with the utilization of this unique methodology.

Singles Have to Think Outside the Screen

The smart choice for organizers that want to create an event experience where connectivity is maximized. Our event management focus is to make sure you can leverage the potential of goal-oriented meetings and create an event framework that maximizes connectivity. Gives you full control over your participants and enables you to take action wherever it is needed, in every phase of the event.

Team management and collaboration on event projects made easy with multiple organizer accesses, permissions and role responsibilities.

On July 23, IPA Kenya facilitated a policy opportunity matchmaking workshop as part of the 8th Annual EASST Summit. The workshop was attended by EASST.

About Program Contacts Past events Testimonials. Register now. This exclusive face-to-face networking event is specially designed to connect universities, colleges and language schools willing to recruit students via agencies with the relevant educational consultants. Meet the agencies , which are ready to recruit foreign students for your institution. Student recruitment agencies could provide you with a stable flow of international students for programs of all levels degree and non-degree programs, language courses, internships, cultural experience programs, summer camps, etc.

The one-to-one meetings will give you a chance to meet agencies in person, showcase your institution and invite for partnership. It is a good opportunity to meet many professional education consultancies under one roof and promote your brand globally. Meet prospective partners, develop your agency network and get more foreign students.

You stay at your office and manage a recruitment process in different countries. You pay for the results only – the agency commission is paid for students who are enrolled for your programs. Miami Florida, USA.

Matchmaking Gone Right!